We are Palace. You could call us a live party band.

But that doesn’t actually describe what we do. Not by half.


We bring energy and atmosphere – working our way through genres and decades.

Expect a polished PA, cutting-edge equipment, and killer sets. Think style, glitz and confidence. And every special request met.

Put this together, and we’ve got the thing that make dancefloors jump and foots frantically tap (even the feet of the tough-to-impress guest).


All in all, in one word? That’d be wow (nothing less).


Wherever your event – in the Capital of London, or anywhere the length and breadth of the UK – we’ll be there, doing what we do best.

Based in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, together we have three decades of filling dancefloors and being the soundtrack of nights worth remembering.

 So… we’d better get this party started.


Get ready for a tantalising repertoire – from classics to crowd pleasers, Bruno Mars to Chaka Khan – contemporary, through to motown, disco and soul – from rock to pop.

Some have called us the best party band in London. Others the live party band that brings the gig to the private night. But enough talk. Just how useful is text anyway? Listen. Watch. Then read all about us (in our past clients’ words – which, after all, are the true mark of a party band’s talent).

Our 5-piece band features formidable twin female vocals (think tight harmonies and soulful melodies). Then there’s our guitarist and bass players, who make magic with a total of ten strings. And finally, there’s our drummer – who keeps the rhythm kicking for song, after song, after song.

Backing us up are custom-created accompaniment tracks – handcrafted in our studio for keys, brass and synths. So, while we’re a 5-piece, we sound like a 9-piece. It’s huge. And cost-effective.


Experience, you ask?

Hundreds of corporate events. Thousands of private parties. More weddings than we can count.


But hey, this is about you. Not us. So let’s see what you’re looking for…


This, is, it. YOUR big day (and even bigger night). We’ll put together the perfect playlist for your wedding – pop, rock, soul, Motown – any combination of the four. If you hadn’t guessed by yet, our repertoire is vast. And your night is going to be huge.


Add sparkle and style to your evening – the kind that gets strangers singing together, dancing side-by-side. Floor-filled, all night (without fail).

Corporate Functions

OK, the average corporate function takes a special kind of party band.  

Few may know each other, many may be clients – colleagues – associates, not friends or family. We get it. And we’ll get them all up, all evening long. Perfect for Christmas, amazing for award ceremonies, fantastic for fundraisers (and every event in-between).


Let’s get specific.

Here’s what you’ll get…

  • 2 x 60-minute or 3 x 40-minute live sets
  • Bespoke pre-mixed disco before and after live sets
  • Superb repertoire featuring the finest classic and modern dance floor fillers
  • Impressive pro PA & stage lighting – prepare to be dazzled
  • Special request or first dance performed at your wedding or party
  • PAT certified equipment and Public Liability Insurance
  • Excellent communication throughout the booking and planning process


That’s what we do (and why). Now? All that’s left is to find out whether we’re available for your big night. Let’s see. Contact us today.