We are a professional events company and we specialise in fun casino entertainment, supplying roulette, blackjack and poker tables all with top professional croupiers dressed to impress. We bring the casino to you.

What we offer is a unique way of entertainment to give guests the excitement and experience of a real casino and that Las Vegas feeling in a very fun way. No money just pure fun so they have a truly memorable evening. Whether it’s for a Christmas party, Birthday, Wedding, Corporate Clients, Fund Raising, Chartiy or just a private function this can be used by all. It can be a add on to an event or could be the main focus. Whatever the occasion we can accommodate and structure the evening to suit.

For most of us gambling is a NO NO or jut something we see on tv or in a film. We’ve all seen James Bond and thought “wow” if only. Well that dream of being James Bond or one of the glamorous bonds girls for an evening can be a reality.

We offer that authentic feeling as all the equipment is bespoke, full size and of casino grade quality, but on top of that we use the best professional croupiers around to deal the games with fast accurate skills to wow the crowds with a great fun personality with lots of patience to keep the games fun and entertaining. We can give out play funny money and make people rich for the evening. They just wonder up the table throw their fun play money down and we give them chips to play with. The only down side is as they win and they will, they will say if only this was for real. Yes true, but would you really walk up to a table with loads of cash and throw it down like in the movies ….. No, but you can here with no risk, no lose, no pressure, just the excitement and realistic feeling of it all. We can supply prizes for the big winners, so they could actually walk away with something from all that free fun.